Blog Mission Statement...

Orgasm is pleasure. And pleasure can be expanded beyond the bedroom - flowers blooming, a decadent piece of cake, narrowly avoiding a piece of dog crap on the sidewalk. Small pleasures. Big ones. Weird ones. Whatever!

In this blog, I will give Thanks for Coming updates, but I will also explore pleasures of all types. I welcome people to email me what brings them pleasure as well as any orgasm-related questions, advice or epiphanies (while researching my book, I found many people experienced ah-ha moments during climax). One woman said that as she went "over the edge," she realized she had to get out of accounting and into something a little more pleasurable. She's a dog walker now (not my idea of pleasure, but to each their own).

I plan to have some guest bloggers (pleasure connoisseurs) every once in a while. Most likely, they will be people who played a role in Thanks for Coming

I invite you to come to the book launch party on Tuesday the 14th. You can find more info on the Thanks for Coming Facebook page. Like the half-reptilian woman above, you will be able to enjoy some freshly baked chocolate chip marshmallow cookies at the party. It should be a very pleasurable time.