Things I Learned While Trying to Learn Other Things

While I researched my upcoming Kindle Single, Baby Steps, I read this wonderful book by Peter Gray. He's an anthropologist at the University of Nevada and an all-around great dude. I was trying to figure out how much my biology may play a role as bully in my baby decision. Would my womb get so pushy and stubborn that one day, to appease it, I'd have to feed it an embryo?
The book was the wrong place to look for the answer to that question, but I did love the book. Not only did it have tons of interesting facts like that ancient Egyptians used to use crocodile dung mixed with acacia oil as a form of contraception, but it also made me feel incredibly validated for not being a screamer. Basically, in formal language, the book said that screamers are a load of twaddle-touting hogwash. "Imagery of individuals in the throes of passion, hollering names in ecstasy, may well be based on performances intended to manipulate a partner more than on typical reactions to sexual engagement." It went on to state that loud female copulatory vocalizations are not reported in ethnographic literature or mentioned in the cross-cultural record.

In a world full of pornos, it's hard to be a silent fucker, so I'm not saying it's not great to holler, but it's nice for us quiet folk to get some legitimacy.

Thank you, Peter Gray.