BAG OF MEAT ON BALL OF DIRT - my new short book


(That is not my foot.) 

My new kindle single, BAG OF MEAT ON BALL OF DIRT, published this week. I am very proud of this story. It was one of my most challenging (I had to put it away for 6 months before I could edit and rewrite everything I previously wrote), but it is also one of my favorites. I traveled to India in search of westerners who go there to search for themselves. I wanted to know if the self could actually be found. The adventure that resulted is thought provoking (and readers have told me) quite humorous. In any case, I was surprised by what I learned. I was also surprised to end up in a hospital. I think you will enjoy the madness. 

Note the zit on my chin. I named it Hulk Hogan. 

Note the zit on my chin. I named it Hulk Hogan. 

The picture above is to give you a tiny taste of the experience - this was taken during a 37-hour train ride from Delhi to Goa. I hope you enjoy the read and I will be posting more pictures from the trip in the next few weeks. 



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