I'm Off: To India!

Straight to the Subcontinent (with a layover in Amsterdam)! Then I'm going to dive into a long tubular masala dosa and do the backstroke through some sambar sauce. (Also looks like I could smoke it.)
It was a whim. I bought the ticket Tuesday - extra cheap because it's scorching/monsoon season. Nothing like being a soggy heap of boiled tourist slop (but may I remind you, a totally orgasmic one) traversing the ghats, those inlets leading to the Ganges. Leaving today. Packing at the moment. I will try to update the blog a bit while I'm away. try. try. it's a word with little meaning. But I will try!
Planning on visiting some old friends. And maybe preaching the orgasm gospel, but probably not. I'm bringing the sacred orgasm texts with me, just in case i get the inclination. But there's not too much room in the bag. packing lightly. I've even got a Q-tip quota. only one per day. gotta love those cottony little batons. I'd kiss (sloppy-granny style) the man/woman who invented them.
Okay, I'm off. Namaste. And all that shanti shanti stuff. Mango lassi to you. Til I land.