Orgasmic Interview

Carrie Seim of Betty Confidential conducted a fun interview with me. Q&A is up. 

In Search of the Big "O"

Exclusive Interview with Mara Altman, author of "Thanks for Coming"

-Carrie Seim

Like many women, Mara Altman struggled to reach orgasm. In fact, she'd gone through 26 years of life, five ("and a half") sexual partners, and piles of encouragement from sexually open parents and friends - yet still, zero Os.

So Mara, being braver (crazier?) than most, decided to write an emotionally honest and unabashedly detailed book about her quest for an orgasm.Thanks for Coming recounts her visits to sexual shamans, her chats with porn stars and her evenings with a sexual surrogate. The results are anything but anticlimactic.

Mara opened up about her O-quest to BettyConfidential's Carrie Seim.

Carrie Seim: Why did you decide to write a book about your quest for an orgasm?

Mara Altman: I actually had a friend suggest the topic to me. (He knew of my orgasmic difficulties). I became incredibly defensive and pissed off. I didn't speak to him for a few days. But then the idea kind of grew on me and I realized that I could hit two birds with one stone--put my journalistic and writing interests to work while going on a personal journey for something that had left me mystified (and somewhat frustrated) my whole life.

You can check out the rest here
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