Vulva Interview: With Lilac

This is a reoccurring interview that the TFC blog conducts with random women. The idea is to show how varied and unique each woman's sexual experience can be. To protect the interviewee's privacy, she will be identified as her favorite flower. 

TFC: What does an orgasm feel like to you?

L: It feels really warm and pleasant. More comforting than mind blowing. I feel tingles up my back, but it's always a different variation of the same sensation.

TFC: In what circumstance did you have your most recent orgasm?

L: It was with a partner. My husband.

TFC: Have you ever had trouble reaching orgasm? If so, how did it make you feel?

L: Yes. It makes me feel like my body is broken.

TFC: What did you do to fix it?

L: I'm always working on it. I do acupunture and therapy. Basically, I do anything that helps me accept myself and my body. The more I'm happy with myself, the better orgasms I have.

TFC: When's the last time you looked at your vulva?

L: I can't remember the last time. She's still there though.

TFC: What does your vulva look like to you?

L: Hmmm...I think it just looks like a vulva. 

TFC: Do you have any specific nicknames for your vulva? 

L: I call her, 'her'. I make sure my husband calls her 'her' as well. He's been trained. "May I touch her," he says. 

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