Vulva Interview: With Peony

This is a reoccurring interview that the TFC blog conducts with random women. The idea is to show how varied and unique each woman's sexual experience can be. To protect the interviewee's privacy, she will be identified as her favorite flower. 

TFC: What does an orgasm feel like to you?

P: Kind of like building building building and the an explosion. Like a damn when the water builds behind it and then it breaks from all the pressure. The dam breaks and then its just flowing and flowing.

TFC: In what circumstance did you have your last orgasm?

 P: It was with myself. It was good.  My hips actually still hurt from that one because of the way my legs were. Haha.

TFC: Have you ever lost your orgasm or had trouble achieving orgasm?

P: It’s really hard for me to come during oral sex. I wish I could. I used to be able to, but for the past five years it’s been difficult. I don't know why.  It feels really great anyway, but still when a guy is going down on me and I can’t come, I keep wondering what’s wrong with me. Then I think about it and then I feel all this pressure to have an orgasm instead of just going on and enjoying the moment. I get frustrated, but maybe only for fear the guy won't be gratified. I want to give him the I-made-her-come gold medal. urghhhh... 

TFC: When's the last time you looked at your vulva?

P: This morning. I look at her all the time.

TFC: What does your vulva look like to you?

P: My vulva specifically...she looks like a little animal. A little penis eating animal. She's got a little mouth with some hair. Definitely a mammal. 

TFC: Do you have a name for her?

P: I call her my pussy. I would like to name her something more specific; maybe I'll call herpeony.

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