Vulva Interview: with Honey Suckle

This is a reoccurring interview that the TFC blog conducts with random women. The idea is to show how varied and unique each woman's sexual experience can be. To protect the interviewee's privacy, she will be identified as her favorite flower.

TFC: When is the last time you looked at your vulva?

HS: About 4 days ago

TFC: What does it look like to you?

HS: A groovy planet of labial goodness. A gateway. It's sexy.

TFC: Age at first orgasm and how did you achieve it?

HS: Probably about 4 years old. I masturbated on my stomach and gyrated my hands through my underwear.

TFC: What does an orgasm feel like to you? Do you have a definition for orgasm?

HS: They all feel different. Sometimes heavenly and sometimes cathartic...other times energetic release....explosive....angry......cracked open.....powerful...vulnerable. Definition would have to be: a climactic event on any part of the body or energy field.

TFC: When was your most recent orgasm and what were the circumstances?

HC: Was 3 days ago and I was masturbating while watching this crazy porn where this guy was having a threesome with two other girls and he had a ginormous cock. He came so much it was like a was totally over the top and very hot. I was really turned on and came 3-4 times:)

TFC: Have you ever had trouble reaching orgasm? if so, how did it make you feel?

HS: I've had trouble reaching orgasm with partners I was just getting to know. I also have had trouble reaching orgasm through fingering or oral without penetration of fingers. At times it made me feel inadequate and other times I thought he was the inadequate. Other times I was frustrated and others I didn't sweat it. Sometimes I just felt like we weren't close enough yet for it to happen.

TFC: What did you do to overcome?

HS: Patience. Practice. Compassion for myself and my partner.

TFC: Have any nicknames for your vulva?

HS: Yoni. Hoo Ha. The Cout Cout. Pussy. Sugarlips

TFC: What is the best piece of sex advice you've ever received?

HS: Give yourself Permission to Experience Your Own True Ecstasy

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