Vulva Interview: with Naked Lady

This is a reoccurring interview that the TFC blog conducts with random women. The idea is to show how varied and unique each woman's sexual experience can be. To protect the interviewee's privacy, she will be identified as her favorite flower.

TFC: Age?

NL: 28

TFC: When is the last time you looked at your vulva?

NL: I had to look at it just now to answer the next question. Before that, the last time I saw it was a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't seen my vulva in sometime so I thought I would get back in touch. No pun intended.

TFC: What does it look like to you?

NL: The entrance to some mysterious and exciting cave. And my cervix could be a giant stalactite.

TFC: Age at first orgasm and how did you achieve it?

NL: I really can't remember how old I was, sometime during my early teens. It was acheived with a stream of water in the shower.

TFC: What does an orgasm feel like to you? Do you have a definition for orgasm?

NL: It feels like pangs of happiness that get stronger and stronger until they erupt in an glorious explosion that radiates from my nether regions. My mind is absolutely clear. No worries, responsibilties, doubts or insecurities for that split second or two. Then, it dissipates into a warm and cozy feeling all over.

TFC: When was your most recent orgasm and what were the circumstances?

NL: My last orgasm was a few days ago, although I tried desperately with my husband last night. I had a beer which always makes the Big O elusive. I'm not terribly worried about it though since I could take off my pants right now and do it.

TFC: Ever have any troubles finding your orgasm? What did you do to overcome?

NL: Sober up and trust the person I'm with.

TFC: Have any nicknames for your vulva?

NL: I must be a little immature about this since I never, ever refer it by name or personify it in anyway. It's like giving your belly-button a name. Granted, rubbing my navel has never given me huge happiness explosions but maybe I haven't explored that orfice fully. I have been known to call my vulva twataffleupagus, crotch, va-jay-jay, cravice and most recently, my slice.

TFC: What is the best piece of sex advice you've ever received?

NL: I don't think that I have received much, if any, sex advice, aside from the obligatory and quite helpful birth control discussion with my mother.

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