Vulva interview: with Ranunculus

This is a reoccurring interview that the TFC blog conducts with random women. The idea is to show how varied and unique each woman's sexual experience can be. To protect the interviewee's privacy, she will be identified as her favorite flower.

TFC: Age?

R: 33

TFC: When is the last time you looked at your vulva?

R: probably only a few times in my life (meaning w a mirror). last time years ago, cant even remember

TFC: What does it look like to you?

R: reminds me of an elephant. an ex-boyfriend of mine told me many girls's look like space aliens (not mine, of course, he told me). hopefully mine isn't the dreaded roast beef sandwich... read about that a few years ago and was horrified - also went on a first online date and a guy was complaining that everyone says you can easily see most of a woman's goods outlined by her clothes but that the one wildcard is the pussy, which can be gruesome...

TFC: Age at first orgasm and how did you achieve it?

R: 17. a friend had talked me through it. i was in bed and had just woken up, and i played w myself. i think women get hornier just after they wake up bc some pee is stored near the genitalia which puts pressure in the right places. also you're already really relaxed.

TFC: What does an orgasm feel like to you? Do you have a definition for orgasm?

R: the best part of an orgasm is the part right before the actual climax. it feels amazing for about 7 seconds usualy then the climax by which point the pussy shakes but not much feeling. the best "orgasm" is when you can get the pre- part to last for many minutes, by not touching clit directly but area around it - teasing yourself. definition: not an orgasm unless pussy shakes (contracts).

TFC: When was your most recent orgasm and what were the circumstances?

R: most recent orgasm - watching porn! was actually a very intense orgasm. i was watching a young curvy "prostitute" service a client. that was on friday (three days ago). video was 20 mins long which is long for me - usually too long to watch - but it was a very sexy vid and was worth investing the whole time to it. i felt extreme pleasure for about 12 mins of it (again, not orgasming the whole time - that great part before the orgasm).

TFC: Have you ever had trouble reaching orgasm? if so, how did it make you feel?

R: its hard to reach orgasm during sex w a guy, and frankly, the orgasms dont feel that amazing unless the guy is going slowly. it has made me feel embarrassed, like Im not sexual enough. Ive faked plenty of orgasms. I only bother to try to orgasm w my boyfriend every month or so when im really horny.

TFC: What did you do to overcome?

R: fake it. or not try to have orgasms during sex. ive talked it over w my boyfriend and he now knows that its effort for women and that most of the time i wont feel like "working" during sex. he does give me nice orgasms through oral.

TFC: Have any nicknames for your vulva?

R: no nickname

TFC: What is the best piece of sex advice you've ever received?

R: Every woman needs to masturbate with the water stream of a shower head. theyve given me the best orgasms of my life, and my only multiple orgasm. another piece of advice: allow your mind to go wherever it damn pleases to get you off - and that includes when you're with a guy.

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