Sparkle is Live

My new story, Sparkle, is out on Kindle Singles. Kindle Singles is described this way: "Compelling ideas expressed at their natural length." It took me a little more than 12,000 words to express my idea, which has to do with my engagement and engagement rings in general. It felt pretty natural. More or less, anyway. I could go on forever, really, but I won't...or shouldn't. I'll let you see for yourself, if you're interested. Some stuff didn't make it into 'the natural length,' so I might try to share some of the outtakes in some coming blog posts. I hope you enjoy.

The cover art for this piece was done by a very talented artist, Adil Dara Kim. Check out his website. He does a lot of other interesting stuff. Thank you, Adil!

Also, If you feel like sharing your engagement ring story (issues with the ring, desires for the ring, passionate dissaproval or whatever), I will be posting stories on my blog. Please share your story in an email! maraaltman (at)