How Your Audio Books Are Made...

I recorded my Kindle Singles at Audible this past week. The microphone was so sensitive that the engineer could hear my stomach rumble.  I won't tell you what else he heard...

Narrating a book is harder than I had expected. We had to stop about every five to ten seconds to re-record. I learned a lot about myself. For example, I discovered that for my whole life, I've been incorrectly pronouncing 'tradition' and 'precursor' as well as 'ad infinitum'. Basically, I found out that I'm verbally incontinent.

It was also a lot of fun, though. You can burp in someone's ear who is a whole room away.

Taking photos made me feel like a tool, so I got this horrible shot while no one was looking.

Audible's headquarters are awesome: All you can eat cookies and buffet lunches with different themes. I was there on Russian day (borscht) and sandwich day (not as exciting as Russian day, but less likely to lead to recordable levels of flatulence). One new employee I spoke with said he gained 20 pounds in the three months he's worked there. He's now banned from desserts (Wife Instituted Law - WIL). There are ping pong tables, three different coffee machines and bathrooms, each with at least five toilet stalls (exciting for the stay-at-home worker who is usually toilet monogamous). The toilet paper was nothing notable, but when that's the only complaint, then you're doing pretty well. (Hint: Cottonelle Ultra). 

Instead of elevator music, they have audio books pumping out of the speakers near the lobby. The one that was being showcased while I was there was, Napolean's Hemorrhoids. I can't think of another title that could have made me feel more encouraged or at home. 

Didn't know that I had anything in common with Napoleon besides short stature. Now I do.

Thank you, Audible. I'll be back soon for more recording!