Tushie Cookies (aka Wedgie Biscuits)

       I developed the Tushie Cookie out of necessity - a kind of providential discovery. It happens that I was attending a butt-themed party, but had nothing to bring. It would not be delicious to bring toilet paper, underwear or anything remotely bathroom related, so after much brainstorming, I decided to make edible glutei. To make them more modest (and more realistic in appearance), I covered the crack with panty-shaped frosting. It's a delicious treat suited for all ages, personality types and hunger levels. 


  • make your favorite sugar cookie dough. 
  • roll out the dough
  • obtain a heart-shaped cookie cutter and then cut out a bunch of hearts
  • delicately lop off the pointy party of the heart and voila, you got yourself some hot little cheeks
  • The longer you cook them, the tanner they get. It's up to you to keep these buns from burning
  • make your favorite sugar cookie frosting recipe
  • dye the frosting a whole bunch of underwear colors
  • then paint your favorite style undergarment onto your freshly-baked rump. 
Eat your artisanal butts with pride and joy. xo