Baby Steps is Live

After what feels like a bazillion years of work, but was actually less than the gestational period of an African elephant fetus, Baby Steps, my new Kindle Single, is now available on Amazon for $1.99, which is slightly more than a deli drip coffee, but with the added bonus of having so many more typed words! 

This piece is a first person journalistic adventure (with a humorous approach) about trying to decide whether or not to have a baby. It was a fun and scary and overwhelming and frustrating and awesome and educational journey that I'm very excited (and frightened) to share. My hope is that by the end, you will have some renewed hope in our species and/or feel like ordering takeout Chinese food. 

If you enjoy the narrative madness, please take a sec to post a review. Your feedback is insanely helpful. People like eating at restaurants with Yelp reviews, likewise I've found they often prefer their reading to be previously chewed on. Nom nom nom! 

Finally, here we can check out the story right here: Baby Steps

You don't need a Kindle to read this story. Here is a link to the Kindle software for your preferred reading device: SO MANY DEVICES

Love and ovulation and overpopulation and chubby cheeks and other things!

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